Human Resource is the key asset of Microchip .

Our HR practices have ensured employee retention much higher than industry average.
This has enabled us build, nurture and offer consistent customer relationships.
Each member of our core management team has been with the company for more than 20 years!
Continuous technical skill upgrade, in-house training is being organized regularly to shape up every individual to keep pace with the dynamic changes in the IT.
In order to align with our mission, we constantly sponsor our employees for acquiring professional certifications.
Working with Microchip is a unique experience. We highly value our diverse team and strive to maintain a non-hierarchical, transparent working environment.
At Microchip , we are not employees, we are Microchip members.

We are committed to providing ample opportunities for members to bring out their creativity, and encourage them to acquire skills in any area of their choice.
We understand that 'Right Skill, Right Job, makes for a Right Fit'.

Join Microchip , and live your dream.

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